My itinerary is slightly changed!
My mom decided to go to Australia before going back to Taiwan from New Zealand, so I'll arrive in Taiwan on 8/28, not 8/25.

Sorry about the postcards!
I don't want to break the promise, but I am really too busy to write postcards here><
I've written about 20 postcards, and there are still 20 people left.
It took me roughly 20 mins to write each one. My classmates often laugh at me because I am always writting postcards.
And tell the truth, I am a little bit tired of it:(
If you expect to my postcard very much and really want one, please give me a comment and tell me.
I am afraid I will only have time to write 3 more.......

I am so sorry for that!

I miss Chun
Who can tell me his news?
I'll be very appreciate:)

*The farewell party* - I need your help!
I'll hold a party before leaving New Zealand!
My mom will help me do some Chinese food, and my sister will be the DJ in the party.
We want to play tons of Chinese songs for those foreigners, but we don't know what are the best ones.
Could you give me a hand?
*Please write down Chinese songs you like the most. As many songs as possible!
*If you have any other ideas about the farewell party, please tell me!

Thanks a million!

I went snowboarding, it was super hard but fun:D


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  • je78730
  • I received your postcard. Thanks a lot.
    It's a weird feeling to know that we are in different coountries.
    Anyway, the party sounds great. I don't know what kind of songs
    you'll play:old ones or pop ones. Just play some you like and enjoy
    yourself.That's the most important.
    Best wishes to the party!
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