November 29, 2008. (Saturday)   Sunny 

        Looking out at the window, the fluttering leaves are shining under the sun. It’s still cold, but the sunshine and the blue sky make this Saturday morning especially lovely. Sitting in front of my little laptop, playing my favorite songs, and doing some writings, I am going to enjoy every minute of today! I haven’t had a laid-back day for ages. Compared to the seemingly colorful life which is filled with activities and studies, I prefer having this kind of slow pace lifestyle. Maybe it’s because I come from Pingtung :) Yes, I am a countryside girl, and I am proud of being one! 


        Today makes me want to do lots of thinking too. There have been so many questions haunted in my mind recently. Firstly, What am I going to do in the future? I am not that ambitious of going to a graduate school, but in the other hand, I want to go to other countries after graduating from university. Which country should I go to and what should I do there? Anyways, I think the most important thing for me at the moment is concentrate on my studies, whether I like them or not. And find my interests in the same time. 
        Another question is what God’s will is? Since I am a Christian, I would like to follow God’s will in every aspect. But sometimes it’s so hard to know if I am doing the right thing. I know it’s wrong to follow my own feeling, but feeling is hard to resist. Umm….keep praying, keep praying! 
        Two of my best friends (both are Germans) and I will have a get-together via Skype tonight :) I am really looking forward to hearing their voices again. It’s so exciting! I wish someday three of us will sit in a cafeteria to talk and to laugh like old times. And I know it will come true :)



呵呵,因為這學期英文課要交 10 journals,所以….我就想說把打的東西放上來跟大家一起分享囉。為這個久久才更新一次的部落格多增添一些文章 :) 

! 最近愛上了 Marit Larsen 的聲音和創作。沒聽過她? 那應該有聽過 M2M ! 幾年前由兩個來自挪威的小女生組成的團體。Pretty Boy 是她們的經典歌曲,相信很多人都耳熟能詳:)  團體拆散後,兩個人都繼續發展各自的音樂事業。

Marit Larsen就是當時頭髮比較短的那個可愛女生。 最近聽到Marit Larsen 推出的新專輯,馬上就愛上了這個舒服的聲音。我發現這種自彈自唱的創作型歌手對我有種無可抗拒的魅力 >///< 現在只能在博客來書局買到她在 2006 年推出的 Under the Surface 專輯。(打折到11/30,也就是明天喔,有興趣的人趁這兩天快去看看吧!) 

Under The Surface 的旋律一直縈繞在我心。這首歌的歌詞把女生細膩的心理巧妙的付諸文字,每每聽,每每陷入一種淡淡哀愁的情緒....
And....the lyrics might be the questions I want to ask you some day ;D Listen carefully!


Marit Larsen - Under The Surface


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